Artistry of Beijing-Style Qipao: A Fusion of Tradition and Modern Elegance by Xu Dong

2023-November-13 16:17 By:

Qipao, cherished in the East and admired worldwide, is a uniquely captivating garment. Xu Dong, the fourth-generation inheritor of Beijing-style Na's qipao, is both an advocate and designer of this iconic attire.

Characterized by intricate patterns, premium fabrics, and meticulous craftsmanship, Beijing-style qipao embodies elegance, dignity, and sophistication when worn by women. Its tailoring, an art exclusive to China, boasts time-honored techniques that ensure a superior fit and comfort.

Ms. Xu's is dedicated to seamlessly integrating qipao into daily life. She envisions qipao as an inclusive garment, empowering women to choose styles that bring out their individual beauty and celebrate their diversity.

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